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The Juicy Deets

The Creatress of it ALL. SHE who creates herself + her life. Quantum Manifestation. Collapse time on your desires. She turns her emotions into the embodiment of everything she desires & already is.. She turns her “dips” into powerful portals where she is reborn & rises even more powerful. She is an alchemistress.. The Creatress.. of her life. Her body, the portal to birthing manifestations into the physical. There’s a feminine way to everything.. the key of life itself, that has long been forgotten. I was surprised when I realized the whole other side of the Yang life I had been living for so long.. There was a f l o w.. to everything.. abundance, success, career, relationships etc.. of divine magic & harmonization.. Once you fully find these pieces, it ALL begins to click. A total syncing with the universe happens.. a total reset on how you thought things were & it takes awhile to fully integrate because again, it seems backwards & the mind wants to stick to what it’s used to by trusting only in logic.. But something happens when you step out of this old way of living & viewing the world.. Alignment with everything. The universe. Co-creation. The TRUE living of LIFE. An awakening to ALL that you are. Instead of what you were taught you were. This awakening is the key to manifestation. ManifestHER starts Dec 2nd 2022

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