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The Juicy Deets

SPICE-IFY YOUR CONTENT AND BLOW UP on SOCIALS.. People will think.. "I'LL HAVE WHAT SHE'S HAVING"! You've tried sugar but are done dimming your shine to look "nice".. NOW, it's time to try SPICE Attract your people, build your community, make more sales, get clear on your brand purpose & identity so you can actually expand and grow your creative work and get more RESULTS. Go from stuck + yuck + burnt out.. to LIT UP with all of your FIRE. I'm showing you how I've: Blown up with my content with both big and small audiences Sold out launches, programs and my mastermind Attracted my ideal clients & have signed multiple 1:1 clients in a short amount of time with my content Gotten clear on my messaging to speak directly to my soul mate people Completely revamped my content to bring in more sales and interests You'll have me & the other program members there to get feedback & help you. 2 Week Program and Challenge For Embracing YOUR edge in your content. Daily Trainings, Classes & Challenges, +You get a review & audit of your own content + messaging for feedback. We start Dec 4th! You'll get an email with details in the next few days. Upgrade to Co-Creatrix and get this and MORE for FREE!

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444 plan $150.55 x3


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