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The Juicy Deets

Crack open to the energetics of WEALTH, ABUNDANCE, MONEY + FLOW. Seduce wealth + attract abundance with the codes I've downloaded & used over & over again! Money is sexy. Money is a frequency that flows. Money is not what you think.. The way we think about money is very backwards & many times holds us back from receiving it.. In this short 2 week program, I'm going to share with you the codes I consistently use to manifest money + abundance into my life! It's not about what you have or don't have now, it's so much more than that. These codes have never failed me when they are implemented. I had my first FIVE FIGURE MONTH this year + have manifested steady money + abundance miracles since. The journey into the energetics of money is a sexy one, a pleasurable one, an orgasmic one, it's soooo much more than cash being in your hand. You become THE magnet for it. If you're ready to magnetize the f*ck out of abundance, join us on this journey into the energetics of money! This is a 2 week program with 4 LIVE modules + some bonus transmissions + an alignment ritual for manifesting money! We start July 28th. The exact schedule will be announced before we start. *Once you join you will get a confirmation email with the link to the Facebook group. Please add the facebook group to get access the program content easily!

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