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Updated: Sep 10, 2019

This month (September), we’ve been learning about Self Love & Beauty in Soulology, my Online Course for Spiritual Development and Soul Alignment! I’ve decided to briefly share a few of my own exercises, tips & techniques with you to help you with Self Love! Beauty is EVERYWHERE, once you know how to look for it. Beauty is in everything, even you! It could even be said that Self Love, is the biggest problem we may have as humans. If we all knew our worth, if we all loved ourselves, our lives would be so much different.

No more unhappiness, guilt, shame, remorse, self destruction. When you don’t love yourself, you dislike your self. And when we dislike ourselves, we’ll do anything to avoid ourselves. So here are a few simple ways, to bypass that & find that love within, instead of always looking without & ending up with the same crappy results over and over!


The best thing you can do to find love & beauty in yourself, is to take care of yourself! This may seem obvious, but then why is it SO hard to do for us? “People will do anything, no matter how absurd, to avoid facing their own souls”-Carl Jung. We distract ourselves constantly, with work, relationships, fear, family, our pasts etc. in order to draw our attention away from love. From self love. We may even tell ourselves that we distract ourselves out of love, but is that really true? Or is it fear? We are scared of love, because it’s unknown. Fear is safe. Taking care of yourself first takes practice. We were raised to believe that taking care of ourselves is selfish. But that is just not true. Taking care of ourselves, is the only way we can take care of others, if that’s what we are trying to do. Then we can inspire & show others how to take care of themselves, just by taking care of ourselves!

Find your passion! When you start exercising the passion inside of you, you raise your vibration. It’s no secret that it’s very hard to do something you’re not passionate about. But when you find that passion, that flame inside of you that’s pure magic, you tap into a power source that’s absolutely unstoppable! It will carry you through any challenge! The passion will create a belief in yourself that no one else can defeat! It will raise your vibration, transform your reality & so much more! It will make your proud of yourself!

Self acceptance! When you accept yourself for the way you are, when you accept your feelings, your past, your life, then you can begin to change your reality and truly start to see the beauty in EVERYTHING. Your life is beautiful. What a beautiful windy road its been to get you to where you are today. It’s like the butterfly effect, every little thing that’s happened in your life has challenged you to grow, has led you to a new experience, has taught you, helped you evolve, has introduced you to various different lessons & experiences! Your reality is created by you. It’s a reflection of you! The power to create the life you want, is inside of you! Acceptance & belief is the key!

When you start taking care of yourself, like we talked about in step 1, you quickly start recognizing how if you‘re not okay, then it’s much harder to be there for others. You start learning to be true to yourself. This builds up confidence, assertion & trust within yourself! Being true to you is important! This means, saying “NO” when you need to, and saying “YES” when you want. It means trusting your gut feelings, your instincts & intuition!


Getting in touch with your true self! This involves getting used to yourself, spending alone time with yourself, taking off the mask you wear to the world! We all have one! Taking a bath with some tigers eye, rose quartz, Palo santo, rose petals & some lavender soap is a little technique that I personally love & find that it does the trick! It brings out the inner goddess while also being very calming! I also love to dance, get in touch with my body, cheer myself on during the day! Paying attention to your instant or instinctive reactions to things & picking them apart, peeling back the layers on why you react the way you do, all can help you get in touch with your true self! Paying attention to your feelings, writing them down & asking yourself why you feel that way, can be good insight into your hidden beliefs & desires!

Want more?! Join us in Soulology, my Online Course for Spiritual Development, Transformation & Soul Alignment for my tips, exercises and techniques on Self Love, Beauty & SO much more as we go a lot deeper into beauty & love, along with so much more!

We will work & grow together as we take this journey of self love, soul alignment, the Shadow side, astrology, spirituality and SO much more! Soulology is a monthly course, so you don’t have to commit to the whole course if you don’t want to! You’re more than welcome to cancel your monthly membership at anytime if you find it’s not what you’re looking for! Soulology incorporates many spiritual & philosophical ideas, along with astrology and more! Are you prepared to connect with your authentic self? Learn the secrets of the universe & how to live a spiritual life that’s true to you? Meet & join others that will encourage you on your spiritual transformation journey?! If so, click here to join the Soul Tribe!

5 Tips for SELF LOVE! Find Your INNER GODDESS!

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