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Astrological Divination Course

Astrological Divination Course

The Online Astrology Divination Course is a self paced beginner foundational Astrology Course designed to make learning astrology be as relatable, easy and practical as possible. I bring Astrology down to earth in a way that is much more understandable, relatable & not so complex & complicated. 


This Course is great for beginners or anyone feeling stuck on their journey to learning the language of the stars. We go over the planets, the signs, the houses, ancient astrological techniques, how to interpret & combine the aspects together to read your own chart and others.


You will discover A LOT about yourself, your life and the people in your life through this course. By the end of it you will have MANY epiphanies about your own natal chart (we have many fun practices that involve using/learning your own chart) and how to interpret others charts.

If you'd like to learn the groundwork, foundations and framework of astrology, how to look at and read your own chart, how to interpret astrology charts in general plus some, whether as a passion/hobby or to eventually read professionally then this course is for you!


This course goes over:

How to learn astrology in a simple yet in depth way

The planets

The zodiac signs

The Houses

The aspects

How to interpret charts & how to tie it all together in an easy way

How to interpret your own chart

Ancient astrological techniques

Fun homework assignments that help you learn even more

Everything you need to start reading charts


This is a all in one course that you can refer back to time & time again and that will enlighten you in different ways each time! 

You'll receieve over 30 classes that you'll have lifetime access to!


The Astrology Divination Course consists of pre-recorded classes that were originally done live with the original students at the time. So if you purchase this course you will get all of the recordings of the live classes. The course consists of all the recordings from those classes. You will still be able to connect with me & other students though and ask questions via the Astrology Div. Course Private Facebook group for students. By purchasing this course you agree to the terms & conditions.

There are no certifications that come from taking this course. This is not a course for being a certified professional astrologer.

There are NO refunds for this course. By purchasing this course you agree that Tawny Michelle is in no way responsible or liable for any of your decisions. You also agree that Tawny Michelle is not guaranteeing anything. Tawny Michelle accepts no liability for how you use or do not use this website/content. This content is for educational purposes only. This content was prerecorded.

You also agree that Tawny Michelle can not be held liable legally for your use of this content. 

  • Relatable Foundational Astrology Course

    A self paced foundational, easy & relatable astrology course for beginner or intermediate students & lovers of astrology

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