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Cosmic Awakening Portal

Cosmic Awakening Portal

Shift, Awaken + Manifest Your Dreams NOW

Shift your energy in a Powerful way! This session IS SO powerful & was divinely channeled. You will be guided to let yourself go allll the way so you can plug back into your divinity, potential & the universal flow! This POTENT live sesh focuses 1st on your blockages, releasing and moving through the stuck energy that's holding you back or keeping you from getting into that divine *flow state*. Once we release we flow, awaken and then we end with a powerful manifestation portal. This session is the structure to plug you back in to who you really f'ing ARE.

Bring ALL of you and prepare to SHIFT, AWAKEN & MANIFEST! 

*This is also a little taste of a powerful upcoming program Goddess Mode that I've been channeling for weeks! 



Terms of Service:

There are NO refunds for this class. By purchasing this class or anything from you agree that Tawny Michelle is in no way responsible or liable for any of your decisions. You also agree that Tawny Michelle is not guaranteeing anything. Tawny Michelle accepts no liability for how you use or do not use this website & any purchased content. This content is for educational purposes only. This content was prerecorded. By purchasing anything from you also agree that Tawny Michelle can not be held liable legally in anyway for your use of this content. 


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