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Nov 2019 Horoscopes -Scorpio Season

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

What's up & Welcome to Scorpio Season 2019!

This Scorpio Season we are ALL going to be going through POWERFUL transformative times. We are truly letting die what needs to die! But before you freak out or get scared, I want to warn you that there is truly nothing to fear. What is ending for us is stuff that our souls truly need to shed to be able to move forward and not be so weighed down. Not only does the universe completely open up for us when we start letting things go, but we are able to manifest what we truly need and want even if we weren't aware how much we really needed and wanted it at the time.

Scorpio Season helps us settle in with our shadows as we merge with them, embracing the darkness inside. We embrace the maniacal laugh & let ourselves go a little crazy, as we find this taboo truth & therefore find our power. As we embrace the fear within, we find the truest kind of beauty of all, transformation & integration of the light and the dark. The light and the dark become one. That is true power. -Tawny Michelle, Libra Season Blog
Welcome to Scorpio Season 2019!

So let that shit GO! It's time! And the astrological energy in November will truly nurture you with your transformation along the way. It's a "heavy" time right now, the energy is showing you what is weighing you down to help give you signs of what it is you need to rid yourself of! When we let things go, we lose that weight, even physically! We feel relieved in that moment, we feel more optimistic and are able to see our options in a way that we weren't able to before! Doors appear where there were only brick walls before. It's truly a moment of divinity. But it all starts with you! No one else can get you there but yourself! So start the clearing process and the astrological transits will do the rest!

What's Happening?

Mercury Retrograde (10/31 - 11/21)- Oh no!! Mercury Retro is happening again?! It sure is! But don't worry, there is no reason to fear mercury retrograde. Yes, it causes setbacks and delays and can be extremely frustrating sometimes, but it's only bringing to light what already needed fixed whether it's something externally or internally. But THIS mercury retro season is different because it's happening in the sign of Scorpio, which like we've discussed, is all about endings, letting things go, change & transformation (among many other things). I believe having mercury retrograde during this time is one of the best transits we could ask for! And I'll explain why!

Mercury Retrograde Season November 2019

Mercury retrograde will take us back through thoroughly on what it is we are leaving behind this month. It will help us revisit the past, and go through our transformation process with a fine tooth comb making sure we are doing this right so we aren't stuck with a repeating pattern. It's helping us be honest, patient and to rewire our minds in the process so we can make sure to not have to revisit whatever it is that we are letting die! Whether that be an ex, a past situation, a fear, a feeling, a belief or shadow work that we've been doing, Mercury Retrograde will truly help us work through it diligently to ensure we close these chapters for good! How this may happen for some, is people appearing from your past, past situations coming back up, synchronistic events, issues you thought you may have put to rest returning, fears coming to the surface, insecurities, and shadow work knocking at your door. These issues are very likely to be the catalyst for change & letting go this month! So pay close attention! But even if you don't, I have a feeling it will be already very obvious what needs to go!

Dealing with Mercury Retro:

Dealing with Mercury Retrograde isn't always fun but it can be more simple than people make it seem! Just note this: It's not a good time for making any big life changes or doing anything brand new! However, it is a great time for RE doing things! Anything with a "re" in front of it, is fine! So yes, it may not be a good idea to travel to a foreign country for your first time, but it can be great for REvisiting some place you've already been. And yes, it will likely bring up people or situations from your past, but keep in mind this is for some kind of closure or "ending chapters" moment, not for a "do over"!

Taurus Full Moon 11/12 -

The Taurus Full Moon happening on Nov 12th will, in my opinion, be a moment of clarity and realization for what needs to change in our realities, and for some, even show some payoff for those already making changes! The Moon will be right on top of an asteroid called "Vesta" which stands for many things but one of the most common things is "The Virgin". Vesta was worshipped as a Roman Goddess and associated with the Vestal Virgins along with scared sexuality.

There is a purity to Vesta, but also a power there. Scorpio in itself deals with sexuality & power as well, so with the Taurus Full Moon happening exactly conjunct Vesta, I think this will be great for getting in touch with ourselves, our values, beliefs and even others on an intimate level! Also re-evaluating our beliefs about sex, intimacy and power.

To me personally, Vesta is a lot more than just a "virgin", she represents sex and the feminine power, how the body is sacred, and in Taurus, we are to feel her energy with beauty, our senses, pleasure, creativity and by re-examining our values, gifts and beliefs! We will be welcoming her energy during our Taurus Full Moon Ritual happening Monday Evening Nov 11th, live on Patreon!

Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn, will be having some nice conversations with this Full Moon! So here we have 3 signs, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Taurus, all feminine signs! I think mother earth will be speaking to us about self love, self respect and self discipline. The purity and sacredness of your own inner power, beauty and sexuality.

Jupiter and Mars will be also in a beautiful conversation, which tells me we may have a new found motivation, optimism, faith and restored hope! Our transformations are paying off and abundance can be seen! Our actions have a purpose and we are finally feeling some of that weight lifted!

Tough Mars Aspects

Mars is trying to make its way home to Scorpio, where it originally ruled before Pluto was found. But, it's got quite the journey! As mars moves through Libra it will start challenging Saturn, Pluto and then eventually (as soon as it steps into Scorpio), Uranus. What does this mean?

Mars is our physical drive and motivation, our assertion, our force, our will. While it's moving through these last degrees of Libra, it's not very powerful because it's opposite from it's other ruling sign of Aries. Mars wants to do, not think, let alone take other people or what they think into consideration. And with Mars in the sign of Libra, it has to weigh things out first which can be very draining for Mars. We may even be feeling this energy as well, whether its caring what others think a little more around this time and its becoming draining, or whether it's jumping the gun too soon without getting a second opinion. Either way, Mars is struggling right now, so our motivation and drive is also under pressure, especially depending on how this is aspecting your own natal chart.

But when Mars starts challenging Pluto around the first week of November 2019, we can feel an intense need to control things, whether its through manipulation, desire, power, exerting our power, lying or doing something behind the backs of others, it can make us do some pretty savage things if we aren't careful.

I also see this aspect as a strong resistance to change. Since Pluto does rule scorpio and the sun is in Scorpio right now, and we are all trying to rid ourselves of our extra baggage that needs to go, Mars can put up a fight. The opinions of others could be weighing us down as well. This could be a power struggle with authority figures or even the law, since Mars is in the sign of Libra. So just watch yourself! It's important to not suppress your desires or your ambition but also tread lightly, don't try to control others or things that are just out of your control at the moment.

Then when Mars finally gets to Scorpio around Nov 19th, it will be across the sky from Uranus in Taurus which will set up an opposition. There may be an intense need to change something, say "f*ck it", control something thats completely out of your control or others trying to control you. Also a complete disregard for any rules or regulations. Be careful with this as well as this could backfire and not only that, it will be a very accident prone time. But on the other hand, this may give you the courage to do something that you hadn't been able to do until this point. If it's going to liberate you, and not break any rules or regulations, (depending on your own chart), it may be that make or break moment you've needed! In my opinion, it's important to be true to yourself with this aspect.

Major Divine Blessings from Jupiter & Venus!

On to the best part of November 2019! Jupiter and Venus will be meeting up in the sign of Sagittarius around the 24th of Nov! They will be conjunct in the sky at the galactic center! This is a very special event and it may feel to many like a blessing or even a miracle from a higher source! For more information on this, make sure to check my Youtube channel for the Monthly Horoscopes by Sign, or check out where you have Sagittarius in your natal chart!

This will also be the last month that Jupiter will be in the sign of Sagittarius as in December 2019, it will be moving into Capricorn! Jupiter is the most beneficial planet of them all, and brings teachings, blessings, higher understanding and abundance! It's been giving you these in the house that you have Sagittarius in, in your own chart! It's a good time to reflect back on what Jupiter has been teaching you in that area of your chart, for the last year!

Happy Scorpio Season!

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