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October 2019 Horoscope/ Libra & Shadow Season

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Welcome to Libra Season

Welcome to the lovely season of Libra.

Libra is the sign that literally switches everything on it's head, including the entire zodiac (Fall Equinox). It's about looking at the opposite side, in order to balance and integrate all sides. The first house (ruled by Aries), is about ourselves, our mask that we wear to the world. The 7th house (ruled by Libra), is about seeing our mask & what's truly behind it, in others. It's the house that holds our relationships. It's no secret that we are ALL connected. Our relationships ultimately show us who we are, what we like and our beliefs about ourselves. In other words, it shows us distorted mirrors (relationships/others), in which we see traits of ourselves that we assume isn't us, "it's them". "Their wrong, I am right". "I'm me and they are them". But whatever we are seeing in others that we don't like or do like, is ourselves. The feeling of either "dislike" or "like", comes from within. And our healing, has nothing to do with others. Healing comes from within.

"Libra Season shows us these glimpses of our

true selves, our shadow. Our shadow is reflected

back to us, by the people & relationships we encounter.

Libra Seasons shows us the other side of ourselves.

Our opposite half that we hide from the world.

If we can truly look.

Scorpio Season, helps us settle in with this other half

as we merge with it & begin to embrace the dark-

ness inside. We embrace the maniacal laugh & let

ourselves go a little crazy (halloween) as we find

this taboo truth & therefore find our power. As we

embrace the truest parts of ourselves we begin to really

see what true beauty is. Beauty is transformation &

integration of the light & dark. As we own our secrets

& dance in our darkness, we shall then see a new &

different world & understand our real potential &

meaning (Sagittarius)." - Tawny Michelle (me)

Shadow Up! All About Shadow Season:

We are entering into the Shadow Season of the zodiac, where we easily are able to see our reflections in others. We ALL have a shadow. Some of us may be more conscious of it than others. And whether you are into spirituality or not, we all have shadow work to do. You can do it consciously or unconsciously. I will tell you, neither way is really "fun" per say, but consciously in my opinion, is better than the ladder. Are you ready to truly integrate the parts of you that you deem as "dark" or "embarrassing" or "unlovable", in order to ascend and become a more true and whole version of yourself?

Did you know? You don't have to do this alone! Join us in my online course "Soulology" to transform your life and do your shadow work step by step with us! Throughout October & November, we are working on the Shadow to unlock our fullest potential & gifts, to spiritually ascend and become WHOLE. Soulology is a monthly Online Course for spiritual transformation, astrology and much more! Learn more here!

By doing shadow work, we can access parts of ourselves in our subconscious that our ego has put away in order to protect itself and it's persona. The ego has deemed these parts as "unnecessary" or "not good enough" to be apart of our "mask" or "character" and therefore shoved them into the back of your subconscious in which you are unaware, and will attract your shadow in other people and situations. The thing is, the shadow wants to be integrated. So it will manifest in very ways, as you subconsciously react and attract it into your life through behaviors and relationships. If you've noticed a lot of patterns, a lot of types of people or relationships coming in or out of your life, if you've noticed certain reactions or themes that always seem to come up, this is a good place to start!

I now also have TWO different Shadow Work Readings you can check out here & here!

The Astrology

Are you ready to see and own your truth to understand your highest potential & connect with your soul & spirit? Libra Season will bring the truth and the relationships to the forefront of everyone's lives! No matter what sign you are. There's some interesting things happening this month, which tells me this will be a very shadowy shadow season! It all starts with the New Moon in Libra on September 28th! This new moon will be opposite Chiron in Aries! Chiron gives us clues as to where our deepest wounds will lie in this lifetime, and the healing we will need to integrate. Around this time, Pluto will be making a square to Mercury.

Which tells me there may be some deep or intense (or both) conversations that lie ahead regarding our relationships, honesty, sex, affairs, power, and our past/wounds. This could lead to confrontation, arguments or (at the worst) possible harsh verbal abuse by someone. As we weigh the scales with our decisions and think about how we will shift forward during this time. I think the key here is to see all sides (I know, I know, so cliche and original). To have a deeper and higher understanding, taking the higher road. Very in alignment with the Temperance card of the Tarot. Jupiter will be in a nice sextile to Venus and mercury, meaning that the higher road and understanding, is key here.

The Aries Full Moon will be happening on October 13th. I'm not going to lie, this full moon looks pretty rough in my opinion. Pluto will be squaring this Full Moon, which can ultimately lead to the shadow coming to the surface full throttle as it pulls out our darker traits. Jealousy, manipulation, bad habits, ruthless behavior and intense emotional endings are some of the themes you could see around this full moon. Not only that, but Venus will be opposite Uranus, the planet of shock and rebelling. Ultimately, we could see a lot of chaotic and irrational behaviors from ourselves and the people around us. But in the end, this will give us a pretty nice glimpse of our shadow and the things we need to work on. This is a great time for inner reflection, focusing on your beliefs and if they are unrealistic, and trying to have compassion but at the same time, not allowing yourself to get caught up in delusion.

We'll be talking more about the Mercury Retrograde on October 31st, along with the New Moon in Scorpio on October 27th, in the Scorpio Season/November Blog!

Get Ready For Libra Season With Us!

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